Worlds Fastest and Most Accurate Oil Pipeline Scheduling System

Fully customizable scheduling system with terminal analysis for both product and crude batched pipelines systems. PipelineOne is backed by extensive oil industry experience and the software is powered by the best algorithms in the business. PipelineOne addresses complex oil scheduling issues with ease, including Batched Crude Pipelines, Product Pipelines, Split Lines, and Multiple Origins.

Pipeline and Energy Consulting

Leading Experts in Pipeline Management

Don’t know where to start with your pipeline optimization? PEDI offers economically priced consulting packages where you receive world renowned expert advice before you spend millions of dollars on software and hardware packages that simply do not work or do not work the way your pipeline requires.


Pipeline Energy Management System

Fully customizable pipeline energy management system with integrated pipeline scheduling. EnergyOne is the leader in pipeline savings and ease of use. Backed by extensive oil industry experience and powered by the best algorithms in the pipeline energy business; EnergyOne can be fully customized to run independently or to work with just about any internally developed or commercial software pipeline management package.

Custom Software Development

We can enhance almost any product installation

PEDI has the experience to extend or enhance your current software installation whether purchased off the shelf or developed internally. Let Pipeline Energy Dynamics increase the return on investment with your current software development projects. Our experts in math and computer programming can drastically reduce the oil and gas software development life cycle.

Additional Pipeline Software Services:

Hydraulic Analysis Software

Both gas and liquid steady state software that has been field proven and benchmarked against other proven products. This software is the basis for pipeline design, system expansion, station location and expansion cost estimating.

Heated Pipeline Design System

This system has additional capabilities beyond the standard hydraulic analysis software. It has the ability to model heaters at pipeline pump stations and the ability to calculate the heat transfer from the pipeline to the soil. The system can calculate the effects of flowrate, insulation thickness, pipe size and fluid properties. In this manner, an optimal design can be accomplished.

Gas Pipeline Fuel Saver

This system models gas transmission systems and decides which stations and unit should be operated for a given flowing scenario. All operational set points are specified to minimize fuel usage.

Surge Analysis Software

This system allows liquid pipelines to be modeled hydraulically and allows upsets to be analyzed. After this specific surge relief equipment can be designed and verified.

Model Front Ends

This system allows complex pipeline models to be operated by less experienced operators and provides what if results for operations analysis.

Batch Tracking Generation

This system allows a sequence of product batches to be specified by the user and then simulates the sequential pumping of those batches. This allows operations to visually observe the batches to be pumped and delivered.

Leak Detection Sensitivity Models

This software allows specific sized pipeline leaks to be simulated and quantifies the pressure/flow variations. Knowing the pipeline instrumentation sensitivity and measurement accuracies, this software supports studies that can then predict leak detection system performance.